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Dichloromethane (CH2Cl2) – thin transparent and volatile liquid with a distinctive halogen derivative sweetish odor.

Used in the manufacture of chemical fibers, films, plastics, in pharmaceutical industry as a solvent, in metallurgy, in radio engineering for degreasing surfaces, in paint and coatings industry as additives in paints.

Chloroform (CHCl3) - colorless volatile liquid with ester odor and sweet taste. Slightly soluble in water, can be mixed with most organic solvents.

Used in chemical industry in the production of refrigerants, fluoroplastic, in chemical analysis as a solvent, in medical industry, in chemical-pharmaceutical industry in production of medicine, in production of aromatic substances.

Trichlorosilane (SiHCl3) - siliceous inorganic compounds.

Used in the production of silane, semiconductor silicon and other silicon products, phenyltrichlorsilane, which serves to obtain heat and electric insulating varnishes, resins, water-repellent fluids, oils, etc.

Phosphorus trichloride (PCl3) - The chemical compound of chlorine and phosphorus.

Used in the production of phosphorus oxychloride, further used in the chemical industry to obtain products of organic synthesis, in medical industry, in pharmaceutical industry.

Trichloroethylphosphate ((ClCH2CH2 O) 3RO) –orthophosphoric acid and chloroethanol ester.

Used as a plasticizer in the production of nitrolinoleum, as well as flame retardants in compositions based on acetylcellulose, polyurethane foams.

Trichloropropylphosphate (S9H18Cl3O4P) - orthophosphoric acid and β-chloropropyl alcohol ester.

Used as flame retardant in the production of various polymer materials.

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