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Rubber chemicals

Acetonanile TMQ® granulated ((C12H15N) n) – product of acetone and aniline.

Used as a highly effective stabilizer in the manufacture of rubber goods and tires, including large-size tires.

Diphenylguanidine granulated (C13H13N3)
– white odorless powder, insoluble in water.

Used as vulcanization accelerator in the manufacture of rubber goods and tires.

Novantox (S20N28N2) – viscous oily liquid of dark brown color with green or purple tint.

Used as a heat stabilizer of compounds and rubber technical products of special purpose.

Aniline (C6H5NH2) - viscous colorless liquid that darkens to light and air. Insoluble in water, soluble in ethanol and diethyl, boiling point 184 ° C, poisonous.

Aniline is an ancestor class of aromatic amines. Used for production of methyl diisocyanates (MDI), those serve in turn to obtain polyurethanes. Aniline has played an important role in production of synthetic rubber, herbicides, dyes, intermediates for dyes, polyisocyanates. Also can be used in the manufacture of various chemicals, additives and medicines.

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