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Peroxide Volga LLC and Chematur Engineering AB discussed the details of the new plant construction

Peroxide Volga LLC and Chematur Engineering AB discussed the details of the new plant construction

January 29-30, 2020, the representatives of Chematur Engineering AB, JSC Orgsyntes Group, Peroxide Volga LLC, general designers and project contractors visited the construction site of the future hydrogen peroxide plant by the anthraquinone method with the capacity of 50,000 tons per year.

Currently, the design documentation is being developed, the basic equipment has been ordered and the construction site is being prepared.

During the visit, the participants of the project team discussed process control system automation and other technological matters. The design standards of the future plant, conditions for the equipment installation,   commissioning, logistics were worked out in detail.

“Today our team has begun real work on the contract: the basic principles of interaction have been identified, the work plan has been outlined for the next few months. The search for the most effective solutions and approaches within the framework of the project is a joint work of a large number of participants. We successfully managed to discuss all the necessary details to continue our fruitful cooperation”, commented Yaroslav Makarenko, Development Director of JSC Orgsyntes Group.

The licensor’s project team was represented by the main participants of the project.

“I am very satisfied with our kick-off meeting. We have had a very fruitful meeting with a lot of questions and answers. It has been a pleasure working with the team of Peroxide Volga LLC, well prepared and skilled engineers and subsuppliers. I am confident that we together will finalize a great project and an excellent hydrogen peroxide plant in Novocheboksarsk”, added Magnus Sjostrand, Project Manager of the licensor.

Director of Capital Construction of PJSC Khimprom Vladimir Vaysman noted: “Often, the requirements of the standards of the Russian Federation are more stringent than the requirements of foreign ones, therefore we all need to jointly find the optimal solutions for adapting the western design standards and rules to Russian ones.”

The agreement between Peroxide Volga LLC and Chematur Engineering AВ on the transfer of production technology and the supply of basic process equipment within the framework of the plant construction project in Chuvashia was signed on December 30, 2019.

Commissioning of the plant is planned for 2022.


Volga Peroxide LLC is implementing the brand new hydrogen peroxide project in Novocheboksarsk (Chuvashia). The enterprise will be capable to produce more than 50,000 tons of product and will be located on the territory of PJSC Khimprom.

Together with PJSC Khimprom Volga Peroxide LLC is a part of Orgsyntes Group, which manages direct investments in the chemical industry.

The chief executive officer and the major shareholder of Orgsyntes Group is Russian entrepreneur Yaroslav Kuznetsov.

Chematur Engineering AB ( was established by Alfred Nobel in 1894, and is based in Karlskoga, Sweden. Based on its proprietary technologies, CEAB has delivered more than 800 chemical plants worldwide in last 125 years. CEAB’s expertise is concentrated to the fields Isocyanates, Hydrogen Peroxide, Bio Chemicals, Supercritical CO₂ processes, Nitro Aromatics and propellants.

Since June 2019, Chematur Engineering AB has become a member of Wanhua Chemical Group.

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